Burgers  comes with fries

Hand Crafted Burger $10
   A house made burger topped with lettuce, tomato and onion
   Add cheddar cheese $2,  Add bacon $2

BBQ Burger $15
   Our hand crafted burger topped with pulled pork, bacon, cheddar 
   cheese and jalapenos. 

Big Smoke Burger $17
   2 X 7oz ground brisket burgers topped with cheese, jalapenos, 
   lettuce, onion and our special sauce.

Jumbo original or breaded fillets  $12
     1Lb of our jumbo wings or boneless breaded fillets  

Sauces: Mild, Medium, Hot, Mexican Mole, Honey Garlic, Mustard BBQ,

                Buffalo, Dry Cajun, Pineapple Jerk

Quebec Classic   Regular  $7   Large $10 
   Cheese curds covered with our house gravy

Pulled Pork  Regular  
$8  Large  $13
    House smoked pulled pork topped with cheese curds, 
    coleslaw, BBQ sauce and gravy 

Pulled Chicken  Regular  
$8  Large  $13 
    Slow smoked chicken in our buffalo BBQ sauce, topped with
    cheese curds, coleslaw and gravy 

BBQ Brisket  Regular  
$9  Large $14 
     Beef Brisket topped with cheese curds, coleslaw,
     BBQ sauce and gravy 

Fire House  Regular
 $9  Large $14 
     Beef Brisket, cheese curds, jalapeno peppers,
     topped with a spicy BBQ sauce and gravy  

Mexican Poutine  
Regular $9  Large $14 
    Pulled pork, beans, cheese curds and Mexican mole sauce 

Funnel Cake Fries  $5
    Relive memories of amusement park funnel cake. 
    served with rich caramel sauce 

Drinks    $1.50 Cans    $2.50  Bottles


Extra Cheese $2,  Bacon  $2,  Gravy $1.50,  Sub Sweet Potato fries $2  Poutine your Fries $3.00,  Gluten Free Bun $1.00      

69 King St W  Bowmanville  905-697-2444
Delivery after 4:00pm, Weeknight delivery in Bowmanville

Friday to Sunday Delivery from Newcastle to Courtice

$5 Delivery charge in Bowmanville

*Delivery is Cash only


69 King St W
Take out  Delivery

*Delivery after 4 pm, Cash only


Blooming Onion Petals   $7

  Crispy battered onion petals served with our cajun dip

Sweet Potato Fries   $7
   Served with our house cajun dip

Deep Fried Pickles   $7
   Served with ranch dip

Chip Truck Fries  Regular  $4  Large  $7
    Our famous hand cut fries coated in house made seasoning salt

Ceasar Salad  Regular  $5  Large  $9
    Add Pulled Chicken $4

Sides Regular $3  Large $5
    Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Hobo Beans, Maple Corn Bread


Sandwiches   comes with fries
Smoked BBQ Sandwich  $11 
   Your choice of pulled pork, pulled chicken or beef brisket in our house BBQ sauce, topped with cole slaw

Cuban Sandwich $12
    Smoked BBQ pork topped with mozzarella cheese, pickles and our mustard BBQ sauce 

Smokin’ Brisket  $12
    Smoked beef brisket, jalapeno peppers, melted cheddar cheese and topped with our hot BBQ sauce

Bacon Double Cheese Brisket  $13
    Smoked beef brisket, maple smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, dill pickle and our house BBQ sauce

Brisket Beef Dip  $13
   Smoked beef brisket, sauteed onions, topped with melted cheese
    and served with our gravy to dip

Smoked Clubhouse  $11
   Smoked pulled chicken, maple smoked bacon, cajun mayo, lettuce and tomato

Foot Long Jumbo Dog  $7
   A hot dog that makes all the stadiums jealous. 
   add pulled pork to your dog $4


Sides: Potato Salad, Coleslaw, Baked Beans, Corn Bread  

BBQ Ribs  Half Rack $16     Full Rack $24
   Our huge St Louis smoked ribs, chip truck fries and 1 regular side 
    Al a Carte Ribs   Half Rack $14     Full Rack $22

Brisket Dinner
   Slow smoked beef brisket, gravy and chip truck fries  

Three Kings of BBQ  
   A half rack of smoked ribs, 1/3 pound of pulled pork and 1/3 pound
   beef brisket, 1 regular chip truck fries and 1 regular side.

BBQ Ribs and Wings
   A half rack of smoked ribs, 1/2 pound of wings and chip truck fries

Family Pack 1  
   Full Rack of Ribs, 1 Pound Pulled Pork OR 1 Pound
    of Wings, 1 large chip truck fries, 2 regular sides.

Family Pack 2
   1.5 Racks of ribs, 2 pounds of wings, 2 large fries, 2 regular sides.

Family Pack 3  
2 Full rack of ribs, 1 pound pulled pork, 1 pound brisket, 1 pound
    of wings, 2 large chip truck fries, 2 large sides.


Bowmanville Takeout

durham's favorite family bbq joint